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Lottery Sambad – Today Result Live 1 PM, 6 PM & 8 PM Nagaland State

5 Crore Winners

Lottery Sambad 5 crore winners

Above 1 crore & below 5 crore winners

above 1 crore below 5 crore winners

1 crore winners

1 crore winners

What Is Lottery Sambad?

Lottery Sambad is a special type of lottery game that is legally operated in the state of Nagaland. Its main purpose is to provide entertainment as well as raise funds for the development of the state.

In lottery, people buy tickets on which some numbers are printed. Then a draw is held on a specific date and time, and some numbers are selected very rarely. Holders of tickets on which these selected numbers are printed win prizes.

There are different types of lottery sambad like morning, day, evening, etc. The prize money is also different. This game is very popular and people try their luck in it as it is entertaining.

What Is The Timing Of Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is completed three times a day in Nagaland: 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.

The 1 pm draw is known as the ‘Day Lottery Sambad’. This is followed by the ‘Evening Lottery Sambad’ draw at 6 pm and the ‘Night Lottery Sambad’ draw at 8 pm.

There are different tickets for these three draws and the prize amounts are also different. The winning ticket numbers are announced at these scheduled times.

People buy tickets as per their choice and wait for the respective draw. Lottery Sambad is extremely popular in Nagaland and people love to participate in it to try their luck.

How Much Money Do The Winners Get In Lottery Sambad?

The prize money that winners get in Lottery Sambad depends on various levels. Some of the major prizes are as follows:

  1. Jackpot Winner (All Numbers Correct): The biggest prize, which amounts to around Rs 1 crore. This is received when all the numbers printed on the ticket are correct.
  2. 2nd Prize: Around Rs 9,000 is given if all the digits printed on the ticket come in the correct order except the last one.
  3. Third Prize: Around Rs 500 is given if any 5 numbers printed on the ticket come in the correct order.
  4. Fourth Prize: Around Rs 100 is given if any 4 numbers printed on the ticket come in the correct order.
  5. Consolation Prize: It can range from around Rs 9 to Rs 100 if certain specific numbers printed on the ticket match.

The prize amounts depend on the type of lottery in Sambad and the current draw. The more numbers you get right, the bigger the prize.

Why is Lottery Sambad so famous?

Lottery Sambad is so popular and famous in Nagaland because of several reasons:

  1. Legal Status: Playing lottery games is completely legal in Nagaland. So people participate in it without any fear.
  2. Source of development: A part of the income from lottery sambad is invested in the development work of the state. So people feel that they are contributing to society along with their entertainment.
  3. Big prizes: Winners get huge prizes, which keeps people interested. The opportunity to win crores of rupees tempts everyone.
  4. Easy availability: Lottery Sambad tickets are very easily available. There are ticket sellers in every village and city.
  5. Means of entertainment: Playing the lottery is a fun way to try your luck. People find it a means of entertainment and thrill.
  6. Popular culture: Lottery is very popular among the common people. It is considered a part of life and is discussed a lot.

For these reasons, Lottery Sambad is very famous and a favorite in Nagaland.

How To Check Lottery Sambad Result

There are many methods available to know the results of Lottery Sambad. You can use any of these methods: (Note: If you want to get the result directly, then you can bookmark our website.). We upload all these results on our website. Here, you can see your result and download it.

  1. Checking on the website: You can check the results by visiting the official website of Lottery Sambad at Here, the results are updated separately for all three times of the day.
  2. SMS Service: You can also get the results by giving a missed call to the toll-free number of Lottery Sambad from your mobile number. This service is free.
  3. Live telecast: Some news channels and websites of Nagaland broadcast the live draw of Lottery Sambad. You can also know the results by watching them.
  4. Lottery Sambad App: The official app of Lottery Sambad is also available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can check the results directly through this app.
  5. Magazines: Many local magazines in Nagaland publish the lottery sambad results in the next day’s issue.

In this way, information about the results of Lottery Sambad can be obtained easily. You can use whichever method you feel most convenient.

How To Claim Lottery Sambad Prize Amount

The process to claim the prize money won in Lottery Sambad is as follows:

  1. Checking the winning ticket: First of all, you have to confirm whether the numbers printed on your ticket match the declared winning numbers or not. You can check your ticket on the official website or mobile app.
  2. Collecting documents: Once you are confirmed as a winner, you need to collect the following documents: the original winning ticket, identity proof (Aadhaar card/PAN card), and a passport-size photo.
  3. Filling the Claim Form: You need to get the claim form from any official office of Lottery Sambad, fill it out completely, and submit it along with all the required documents.
  4. Claim Verification Process: Lottery Sambad officials will verify your claim and ensure the authenticity of the winning ticket.
  5. Payment Process: Once your claim is validated, you will be paid the prize money within a few days. Smaller prizes are paid in cash, while larger prizes are paid in the form of checks.
  6. Tax Deduction: As per Government of India rules, some taxes will be deducted on prizes above Rs 10,000.

By following the right documents and procedures, you can claim your prize safely. If you face any problem at any stage, you can seek help from the lottery Sambad officials.


Here are answers to some important questions:

Question: Is the lottery legal in India?

Answer: Yes, lotteries are legal in India. However, only 13 states are allowed to conduct lotteries, including Nagaland.

Q: Who manages and organizes the lottery?

Answer: Lottery Sambad is managed and organized by the Nagaland State Lottery Department. It is a government body that regulates all activities related to lottery operations.

Q: Where can I buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets?

Answer: Nagaland lottery tickets can be purchased from authorized vendors located across the state. These vendors are present in major cities, markets, and villages.

Q: Can I buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets online?

Answer: No, at present, Nagaland lottery tickets cannot be purchased online. It is necessary to contact the authorized sellers in person to purchase them.

Q: Who is eligible to buy Nagaland lottery tickets?

Answer: There is no age limit to buy Nagaland lottery tickets. People of any age and gender are eligible for it.

Q: What are the Nagaland Bumper Lotteries?

Answer: Nagaland Bumper Lottery is a special type of lottery sambad that is held on some special occasions in the year. The prize money in it is more than ₹ 1 crore, and therefore it is called a “bumper” lottery. These are very popular.

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